A beer tasting party!

A beer tasting party

A beer tasting party! Bottoms up!

When was the last time you said bottoms up with the people you love with fresh beer in your hand? Why not now? See to organize beer tasting party, you have two options: either organize it at your place or find out a real cool hangout place in Bangalore.

A beer tasting party is more than just a get together. It does involve a bit of food and a lot of drinking but, it is a way to reignite your passion for the art of beer drinking.

Make a plan with your friends

Gather few friends who are of the appropriate drinking age. Talk to your friends about their preferences and taste.

Decide on the beers to order

Decide on which beers you’re going to start with. Order one type of beer at a time. You can request the brewer to serve one beer at a time and provide all the information about that particular beer.


Make sure to have the lightest brewed beer first, combine it with snacks and small finger foods. Ensure you order the right combination of food and beer

Final Countdown

After you’ve gulped down all the brewed beer. It’s judgment time! Rate the beer from the best to the worst. Hear what your friends have to say about the beer. Order a final round of the best brewed beer in that microbrewery.

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