Fun Drinking Games

fun drinking games

Aren’t you bored of jazzing up your Saturday nights with the same old music, conversations and dancing lights? Want to make it better and cooler? Then try some sweetly old fashioned drinking games! So to satisfy your drinking pleasure, we bring you a list of fun drinking games that you should definitely play.

• The Name Game- This game is simple and fun, as it requires no props. It involves taking names of a famous people based on the last letter of the previous name. The drinking begins when a player can’t think of a name immediately. The player is expected to drink till he comes up with a name.

• FUBAR- FUBAR id best enjoyed with a large number of people. It is a card game in which each card has funny and crazy drinking challenges, and you have to perform the challenge that your card reads. The cards include commands such as drink a beer; take a shot of vodka etc.

• Never Have I Ever-Want to know your friend’s secret, while getting drunk? Play ‘never have I ever’! This game involves sharing something that you have never done and the people who have done what you mentioned, need to take a sip of their drink.

• Flip Cup- This is a fun drinking game. Simply arrange cups of beer on a table, and race to chug your beer down. After chugging your beer, you need to flip your cup upside down. The team that flips all their cups first, wins!

• Straight Face- Have you ever had difficulty keeping a straight face after getting drunk? Yes, this game exactly challenges that weakness. This game involves a bunch of chits that has funny or inappropriate sentences written on them. The key is to pick up a chit and try to keep a straight face after reading the chit.

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