Food & Drink Combinations

Food and Drink combinations by Murphy's Brewhouse

“The more alcohol you drink, the hungrier you get”, science suggests. Not surprising at all, because alcohol stimulates appetite in a way that increases the craving for high-fat, salty food. While pizza is a classic beer food, it may not be paired best with every alcohol. So, here is a list of some our favourite food and drink combinations

• Sour Patch Candies with Vodka- They are a perfect substitute and make a better chaser when compared to the typical diet coke. You will love this infusion, so simply add a handful of these candies to the bottom of your drink or gulp three-four candies down, right after your vodka shot.

• Cheeselings with Wine– No other combination impresses better than that of cheeselings with wine. This pairing results in a sour taint taste with a creamy finish that fills up your mouth.

• Chocolates with Champagne- Champagne tastes a lot better when you pair them with chocolates.

• Mac n Cheese with Beer- Forget pizzas and say hello to this new Mac n Cheese beer treat. A cold beer with warm Mac n Cheese is sure to make your evening better and extra yummier.

• Caramel Popcorn with Scotch- The crunchy sweet popcorn go very well with the smokey flavour of scotch and these two together perfectly balance each other out.

• Bananas and Peanut with Rum- Sweet rum with classic peanut butter combo is sure a treat. Peanut butter rum is definitely going to tingle your taste buds making you want it more and more.

Now that we have listed your favourite food and drink combinations, why not give these combos a try at Murphy’s Brewhouse, the best hangout place in Bangalore.