Five Mysterious Facts About Irish Beer

Five Mysterious Facts About Irish Beer by Murphy's Brewhouse

Beer! Beer! Beer! That’s the word on everyone’s lips in Ireland. To an Irish man the neighbouring pub is their second home and favourite hangout place. Irish palates are discerning, therefore poor quality beer can never be in the market for a long time, they usually disappear. Last week we gave you a list of must try beers and now it’s time for us to tell you five things you never knew about Irish beers!

Keeping the Cool – The temperature of your beer will affect your overall drinking experience. A colder beer is more refreshing, while a warm beer reveals more flavour. Your experience also varies according to the type of beer you are drinking but people generally prefer a colder beer as it is lighter on the stomach.

Ancient-ness – Brewing in Ireland has a long history, you can trace it back to no fewer than 5000 years, back into the earliest days of Irish agriculture. Beer is the oldest drink around and historically Ireland produces ale, without the use of hops.

The Science – Water, something starchy- to be converted into sugar and fermented, yeast- for fermentation and a flavour are the basic ingredients of beer. The end result of the beer is affected by the type of water used as beer is mostly water. Dublin, capital of Ireland excels at making beer as its water is quite hard.

Pair it up – Beer with food, can your evening get any better? And by food, we don’t mean just the pizzas. The flavours of beer are enhanced when you pair your beer up with a right kind of munchies. Beer and food is surely a match made in heaven.

Beer consumption – The Irish are known to be alcohol lovers and for having great breweries, yet they do not hold the title for the world’s greatest beer loving country.

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