Dishes to pair up with Brewed Beer

Brewed Beer

Have you ever been the one, when asked about food to order at a pub, go completely blank?  Or you still have no idea what food goes well with which beer? So, to give you more confidence in your food choice with the best experience, we have collected the list of food items to perfectly pair with your brewed beer.

Cheesy Pizza with Strong beer– It is a universally known truth that pizza goes perfectly well with your beer. And to make it even better, next time try cheesy pizza and strong beer’s combination. More the cheesy the pizza is, better it goes with strong beer.

At Murphy’s we serve you both. Murphy’s Brewhouse is well known for its delicious, cheesy pizzas it offers. So, next time you visit Murphy’s make sure you order Paddy’s poison and any pizza because all are delicious.

Spicy Buffalo chicken wings with Spicy beer– Both being spicy, this may not be your first choice in the order, but this combination of spicy buffalo chicken wings and spicy beer is mind blowing. Hence, spice up your life with this combination on your next visit to the bar.

For this spicy combo we suggest Murphy’s Buffalo chicken wings and holly sally at Murphy’s. Both being spicy you surely will have zing and sizzle in your mouth.

Roasted meat with Sweet beer– The other combo that goes very well together is roasted meat and sweet beer. The smoky, perfectly cooked meat when combined with dark and sweet flavor beer with the hint of caramel, toffee and nuts, they can be the best mutual choice in the bar.

Taken at Murphy’s, the best food and drink to meet this combo is Beef shashlik with mustard sauce and Black Beard. Black beard being a dark beer which is a blend of roasted caramel, a kiss of a chocolate and a touch of smoky flavor goes perfectly with Beef shashlik with mustard sauce.

Fried foods with lighter creamy beer– Fried food such as salty French fries, crispy chilly potatoes goes well with lighter beers. The taste of light beer makes sure that it doesn’t take away the taste of fried food and make this combination work well.

So, at Murphy’s we highly recommend our food items like Murphy’s cheesy fries, Crunchy squid rings, Mexican crispy chilly potatoes and Braised chilly fish with Good golly. Good Golly is a full bodied premium lager with a creamy, rich texture combined with a delicate balance of flavors. Combined with fried food items, it will surely sweep you off your feet.