Debunking Liquor Myths

debunking liquor myths

The world’s most used drug- alcohol is surrounded by misconceptions and myths. You would have probably read about them, heard them around or uttered it yourself. The story of liquor spreads wide and far, but sadly not all of them are true. And now, it’s time to debunk some of these myths.

• The Myth: One Drink in an Hour And Safe To Drink-The popular theory that our body naturally takes an hour to metabolise a drink is false. It actually takes two hours. The average metabolism rate is 100 milligrams of alcohol per kilogram of bodyweight per hour.

The Myth: Drinking Beer Gives You a Belly- Beer doesn’t give you a belly, an excess of beer gives you a belly. But over consumption of anything will make you gain weight.

•  The Myth: Darker Alcohols Are Healthier- The darker alcohols generally contain toxic chemicals, such as cogeners. The presence of cogeners can actually make you feel worse the next day.

The Myth: Older Wine Is Better- Usually, there is no benefit involved with ageing of wine unless they are very special. This is because wine is typically consumed within the first few years of its production and some within the same year. So go ahead and taste your wine sooner rather than later.

The Myth: Beer before Liquor Makes You Sick– More than the type of alcohol, the quantity and how you mix them matters. Consuming too much of any liquor quickly can make you feel uneasy.

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