5 Microbreweries loving countries


Fresh Beer from microbreweries is the most loved alcoholic beverage in the world. It is a perfect drink for every occasion. You don’t need a reason to open a bottle of beer. Beer is an official fun drink for hangouts with friends, festivals, weekends or any other occasion you can think of. Beer has become the vital part of tradition in some of the countries. Here are the lists of countries that have adopted beer as a part of their national culture.

  • Ireland – Irish people’s lives revolves around the pub. Almost half of the alcohol that is consumed in Ireland is beer. Ireland is famous for beers like Stout and Guinness to the world. They have given St. Patrick day the official drinking day, which is gaining popularity around the world. In short, Irish knows their beer like Roger Federer knows tennis.
  • Germany – Beer is an integral part of German culture. Especially, Brewed beer and Germans have a long history together. They have their own unique sets of quality, variety and complexity in their brewing style. Also, the biggest beer festival, which has inspired other beer festivals around the world, Oktoberfest is German-borne. Germans are emotionally attached to beer, which makes them one of the top beer loving countries in the world.
  • Czech Republic – In the year 2014, Czech Republic became the highest beer consuming country in the world. Brewed beer in the Czech Republic is the part of every celebration. They have a long past with brewing and beers. Pilsnerlager, a world famous brew house pale lager, was first brewed in the Czech Republic. To mark the first brewery of Pilsner, every year they organize a 2 day beer festival in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Pilsen. Many beer enthusiasts around the world attend this festival, which is full of music, dance and brewed beer.
  • United States – Beer has become the core part of American culture. It has become their companion for weekends, sports, outings and every other activities they are involved in. They have made a full-fledged tradition out of beer and American sports. American lager, holds the emotional part of Americans. The celebration of the Great American Beer Festival shows that the Americans love their beer.
  • Belgium – Who would have thought that the right beer bottles give the right taste? The Belgians. Very serious about their drink, Belgium has almost 180 breweries ranging from international to local brew houses. It is stated that on an average, a Belgian drinks 84l of beer annually. So, you can guess what kind of beer lovers the Belgians must be.

Even in a country like India, brewed  beer is getting huge popularity. Especially in metro cities like Bangalore, microbreweries have become the best hangout place. Microbreweries are in race to provide the best brewed in Bangalore. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise, if microbrewery like Murphy’s Brewhouse in Bangalore soon become the best hangout place of the city.