“Cool Beer” Hacks

cool beer

Beers are best served chilled. However, we don’t always have the luxury to crack open a cold one.

Rather than make do’s with warm beer, give these hacks a try to cool beer and, keep the booze fresh and cold.


  1. Warm to cold in 10 minutes:

Take a paper towel, soak it and then wrap it around the beer bottle. Next, place the bottle in the freezer for approximately 10 minutes. You should see frost in the bottle.

  1. DIY cooler:

Have tons of beer but no cooler? Worry not. Get a carton of beer first. Take all the bottles out and put a plastic bag in the box. Pop the beer back into the carton box and fill it with ice. You have the option of closing the plastic bag and the carton. There you go, easy peasy beer cooler.

  1. Fridge logistics:

We all know the trouble of stacking beer in the fridge when there are one too many of those. To load up beer, fasten a binder clip (paper clip) to the fridge shelf. Now stack the beers in a pyramid formation. The clips act as resting edges and will hold the bottles in place.

  1. Pitcher cooling:

If you have a pitcher of beer that is getting warm, this simple hack will freshen it up. Fill up ice in a plastic cup and place it in the pitcher. The cup will float and cool your beer without watering it down.

  1. Drink in Public:

This hack is for when you want to walk public areas sipping beer. For that, you will need a soda cup with lid, straw, ice and a can of beer. Pour some ice into the empty soda cup and place the open can of beer on top of it. Close the lid, insert the straw and sip away from your very own beer cooler soda cup. No one is going to figure out!

  1. Fast cool:

Put ice and water in a bucket and submerge beer in it. To make the beer cool faster, add salt to the box. Adding salt lowers the freezing temperature of water causing it to melt-cooling beers quicker.

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