The Eternal Love for Beer Glasses in Brewpubs

Brewpubs and beer glasses

“There cannot be good living where there is no drinking.”

The Belgians were the first people who thought that the right kind of beer bottles give you the right kind of taste. Imagine you are given a strong ale in a wine glass or stout in a steel glass. Disastrous! That will surely ruin your drinking mood. Therefore, in order to give the right display, right taste and compatibility to hold, you have to choose the right kind of glass. You have to respect the beer you love, by drinking in a right glass or else you are just another normal person who came for a drink in a brewpub. Don’t panic! It’s not too late to learn.

  • Pint glass – These pint glasses are the most common type of glassware in bars and brewpubs. Based on the country, they have slight changes in the structure of their pint glasses. These simple pint glasses are good for mild and brown ales. So, next time you visit a brewpub, make sure you are getting your porters and stouts in a pint glass.
  • Beer mugs – Easy to hold, these are found in both houses and brewpubs. These beer mugs are easily available and are easy to hold. These mugs are also strong enough for toasts and can hold plenty of beer. Moreover, these kinds of mugs gives better clarity to your drink than your bottles. From next time, even for your house get together, better raise beer mugs for stronger cheers.
  • Pilsner glass – Tall and skinny in nature, these beer glasses are found serving, obviously, Pilsner in brewpubs. When the beer is light, aromatic and spritzy, then Pilsner glass is used. They are usually smaller than a pint glass. These glasses are used in brewpubs to maintain a beautiful head and showcase clarity and the colour of light beer.
  • Weizen glass – These curvy Weizen glasses in brewpubs are used to hold wheat beer. Thick and tall, these Weizen glasses showcase the fabulous colour of wheat beer. They allow a thick and foamy head with a good visual appearance. Thus, you have to remember that, in order to appreciate the aroma and the flavour of the beer, you have to start drinking it in a Weizen glass.
  • Tulip beer glasses – In case you are a beer geek, you might be smiling at this name by knowing the beauty of this glass. These glasses add the intimate experience to your drinking session. Their unique shape helps to trap the aroma which is missed by other beer glasses. This is the perfect glass for aromatic hoppy and malty beers. Scottish ale, Belgian ales and double IPAs are the types of drinks, which has to be consumed in tulip beer glasses.