You think you are serious about beer? Think again!

strange facts about beer

Different countries have different drinking policies. Be it an economic downturn or a happy festival, people will continue to buy beer. Some countries take their beer very seriously. For instance, ancient Babylonians were so serious about their brewing that if people brew a bad beer, they were drowned in it as a punishment. Bad beer is a crime against humanity! So, talking about how serious people are about beer, there are few countries who love their beer more than anyone on this planet.

  • On an average, Irish people can finish their drinks relatively faster in comparison to people of other countries. Be it a pub, club or home, they just need a beer bottle to gulp it down. Bravo Ireland!
  • In Amsterdam, if an alcoholic cleans the city street, he is paid 10 Euros, half a packet of tobacco and the best part – 5 bottles of beer. Now who would complain about cleaning the street of Amsterdam? This policy is win-win situation for both beer lovers as well as for the city
  • Czech Republic has the highest consumption of beer. This is officially a beer nation. They have given us beer like Pilsner. It is heaven for beer lovers. People here love to drink and talk about their beers. They take their beer very seriously. So, if you are visiting the Czech Republic and if someone offers you a beer, don’t say no. That is a serious offense
  • In Russia, beer wasn’t considered as an alcoholic beverage until 2013. They seriously do know the real meaning of alcoholic beverage. Beer is actually just a refreshing drink to add the fun quotient to your social life
  • In Argentina, political parties have their own brands of beer. I wonder who wouldn’t want to vote for these political parties
  • Nigerians consumes more Guinness beer than Irish. We didn’t see that one coming! Guinness being the national drink of Ireland, didn’t expect this
  • Belgium with its interesting history and culture regarding beer, used to serve table beer in the public school. Until 1970, even school children had easy access to the table beer. Then, 1970 happened
  • In the US, beer commercials are not allowed to show people drinking the beer in the advertisement. Who cares? Their brewery still has a delicious collection of American beer
  • Every year in Germany, they hold the world’s largest beer festival – Oktoberfest. Its 16 days of paradise for all beer lovers. With lots of fun events, competitions and parades that you will be surrounded by, don’t expect to remain sober

Even in India, especially in the city like Bangalore, people take their brewed beer very seriously. So, in case you are the one who takes your brewed beer very seriously and in search of the best microbrewery in Bangalore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We give well flavoured fresh beer!