Brewed Beer! For the best or worst


“There is no such thing as a bad beer. It is just that some beers taste better than others.”

Brewed beer is one of the most loved beverage in the world. Whether it be Dublin or Bangalore, brewed beer is one of the most preferred alcoholic beverage. It has been the part of relaxation, celebration and perfect drink to hang out with friends. Its fresh and intoxicating taste has become the charm of Brewhouse around the world. People want to drink a great brewed beer which is refreshing in nature.  So, what it takes for this beer to be the perfect one?

  • Appearance – Though it is said don’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of well brewed beer, visual appearance does matter. The outlook of a beer represents its colour, nature and density. Imagine the situation when you ordered for a pale lager and you get deep coloured one. Though it may taste good, but the appearance will drench out your excitement for a beer.
  • Aroma – The aroma of a fresh brewed beer brings the thirst and craving for more beer. It makes you forget all your worries and bring refreshing desire for a beer. During the brewing process, various flavors are added in malt and barley to bring out the aromatic strength. Fruit and spice flavor are used to bring in a sweet-smelling profile.
  • Flavour – The flavour in a brewed beer comes from the type of malt or barley used to brew it. Hop, malt, smoke and roast are the flavours of beer based on the ingredient used. Then yeast is added to bring the bitterness in the beer. It is usually based on the Brewhouse and their strategic mixture that the taste of a beer is dependent on.
  • Strength – What so you think is the average strength of brewed beer that you drink in Bangalore? The amount of alcohol present in the beer regulates the strength of the brewed beer. Light strength beer contains 3%, mid strength contains 3-4% and full strength beer contains more than 4%. So, on your next visit to a Brewhouse don’t forget to check the strength of beer you ordered.
  • Gravity – Gravity in the brewed beer is the density of a beer. Original gravity in a beer is measured before the brewing process in accordance to the strength of a beer that is required. Gravity in a beer is required to measure the percentage of alcohol in a brewed beer. So be careful, high gravity beer on your date can really make you pour your heart out, more than required.

These essentials have to be checked if you are a non-geek drinker and want to know what is there in the glass of beer you are holding! For best brewed beer in Bangalore, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse.