The Infamous Ale from the West


Did you know that your beer is largely divided into 2 categories – Lager and Ale? Lager is produced from the bottom fermented yeast whereas Ale is produced by the top fermented yeast. Sweeter and fruitier in the taste, Ale is prepared from malted barley. Hops are added in this to get that bitter flavour. The list of world-famous ales that every ale lover should know are:

  • Brown Ale – This is a sweet and low beer, which is deep amber or brown in colour. This style of brewed beer is very famous among the Belgians, Americans and English. The taste of caramel and chocolate is dominating. This has an alcohol strength of around 4%.
  • American Pale Ale – This pale ale generally contains around 5% alcohol. Pale malt is used to give that light colour. The taste and the strength of this ale is based on the brewing style and hop levels being used in the brew house.
  • Indian Pale Ale – This ale is known for its hoppy flavour and low gravity. It’s alcoholic strength is around 4% or less. Indian pale ale is famous in Canada, US and UK. And if you like high strength beer with same hoppy flavour, then there is double Indian pale ale. The strength of double Indian pale ale is 7.5% or more. So, be careful when you order this, you may end up getting more drunk than you desired.
  • Golden Ale – Also known as blonde ale, this beer has a moderate bitterness. They are very pale in colour. This golden ale is popular in France, Belgium and UK. This beer is crisp, clear and dry in nature. A good golden ale contains 4-5% of average alcoholic strength. A hop profile added during the brewing process gives spicy and citrus taste to this brewed beer.
  • Scotch Ale – Based on the country and their brewing strategies, this ale differs from place to place. Although the style of the beer – dark, strong and bittersweet, are common in all the countries, the essence of the beer, like the taste, strength and gravity differs. Some countries add smoke flavour to this ale. In the US, the strength of this beer is 7% and above, whereas in other countries it’s average strength is 5.5%-6.5%. This brewed beer is popular in Scotland and US.
  • Spiced Ale – During the brewing process, ginger, cinnamon and other spices are carefully added to bring spiciness in beer. This beer is popular in cold places because of its warm nature. You will get warm spices and toffee flavour in spiced ale. This beer is rich in flavour and goes perfectly well with pork and steaks.

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