Better Bitter Beer!

Bitter Beer

Brewing is a fine art and the brewer brewing is an artist! These artists want to give best tasting brewed beer to the world. So, in the race of giving best and unique beer to the beer lovers and differentiate ales from the mild ones, breweries started brewing bitter beer. Gold to copper in colour, these beers contain pale malts and more hops in comparison to mild ales. They are light bodied and low carbonated in nature and gives bitter beer enthusiast a hell of a time. These pale ales contains 3-7% ABV.

Here is the list of best pale ales in the world, which is a blessing for bitter beer lovers:

  • Honker’s Ale – This noteworthy pale ale contains about 4.5% ABV on an average. Soft bodied in nature, this craft beer has beautiful golden sunset colour, which is appealing and gives a good vibe while drinking. This has a fruity hop aroma and biscuity malt flavour. This spectacular beer has an excellent happy smell which gives smooth mouth feel to its drinkers. So, all pale ale lovers, make sure this beer is on your list!
  • There and Back – English style – Brewed in California, this English style pale ale is complex yet easy to drink craft beer. On an average this beer contains 5.6% ABV. This beer is sure to impress the individuals who are bitter beer admirers. This light and refreshing beer give a good feel to the one who is holding and relishing this classic English style beer
  • Fuller’s ESB –  This extra special beer is one of the most famous bitter beers in the history of beer. Bright bronze in colour this beer is dominated by light caramel and honey-sweet malt. For those people who want their beer to be extra bitter, you are in for an amazing time
  • Hobgoblin – Brewed in UK, on an average this beer contains 5.20% ABV. It is reddish brown in colour. With the mixture of fruits during brewing process, this beer has sour touch. These fruits are brewed with an earthy hop for extra bitter taste, which leave you craving for more!