Best place to hangout in Bangalore?


Which is the best place to hangout with friends in Bangalore you ask? We are a bit modest to agree that “WE” are, so here is a little insight on what makes Murphy’s Microbrewery one of the best place to hangout with friends.

An individual’s choice of beer depends on the time and place. The beer, which can satisfy you on a hot summer afternoon, preferably won’t do much good during a cold winter evening. The last beer you grab for the day won’t actually be the one you started with.

Our range of fine crafted beers suited for different occasions will ensure that you let yourself go and indulge in some quality “friends” time.

Paddy’s Poison
Paddy’s Poison is a drink thatsoothes the mind and body of every individual. This refreshing golden ale beer with its crisp and honey pinch will surely entice your mind. Be it a business lunch or a lazy summer afternoon, Paddy’s poison will surely get you going. This beer will stir up the afternoon conversations and make you float on an island of fun.

Holly Sally
Holly sally, the princess is mostly preferred on a hot summer evening. Inarguably, the majestic queen of beers will set your mood straight and provides the attention you deserve. She can tingle your taste buds with her saucy blend of spices. Her blend of cinnamon, coriander and black pepper will make your tongue go wild and make you dance to her tunes.

Good Golly
He’s quite a gentleman back in Ireland, with his creamy rich texture combined with a delicate balance of flavors, he will surely sweep you off your feet, literally. Just like “calm before the storm”, he’s best gulped before the main course (main rounds of drinks that is). He sets the mood for the night and makes you go wild. Be rest assured the gentleman has a dark side which comes out after few rounds.

Black Beard
Darth Vader has nothing on this guy! This mysterious beer hailing from Ireland, which is out to quench your thirst and give you the energy you need for the night. Gulp a few before you hit the dance floor and the moves come in spontaneously. He gets you with his smoky flavors blended with roasted caramel and kiss of chocolate. Black Beard is a certain force to reckon with.