Best Hangout – Murphy’s Brewhouse


What Makes Murphy’s the Best Hangout?

“It is a lot easier to start a day when you know it will end with a beer.” And if it’s soul refreshing Irish-Craft-Brewed, Guinness and Stout beer, then definitely you can’t wait to start your day. Stating the truth, Murphy’s gives the best brewed beer in the Bangalore. Still, if you need other reasons apart from the perfectly balanced beer and best hangout in Bangalore, then we proudly we give you why Murphy’s should be your first choice with your friends.

  • Great ambiance and deeply flavored beer – At Murphy’s you won’t be disappointed with the interior and exterior décor. We’ve worked hard to maintain the overall look and feel of an Irish pub. This Hollywood-movie-like-décor for sure will give you more reason to hangout here. Also, we give you a lush rooftop which will be the best hangout with a beer in your hand.
  • Cheerful, pleasant and energetic employees and freshly-brewed beer – Our employee carries our vision, giving you the best time in Irish way. Our staff do a great job in taking care of our guest. So, next time you go there, don’t hesitate to call them at your service.
  • Good music and dense brewed beer – Apart from giving the right brewed beer, we believe music, temperature and lighting should blend together. Music connects with people and helps to relax. Therefore, we choose the appropriate genre of music. Moreover, we are also famous for live music. So, if you are both, beer and music enthusiast, then Murphy’s surely will be your best hangout.
  • Authentic and interesting bar food menu with a bold and bitter beer – We at Murphy’s, take our food menu very seriously. We have tried hard to create heart-winning food menu to perfectly go with the beer. Whether it be fried food or sandwiches, pizza or chicken wings, we try to give you a mouthwatering dish. Also, we put old Irish soul for a good blend of food and brewed beer. And we all understand Irish spells for a good time. More food, more beer, more fun.
  • Live entertainment and aromatic brewed beer – At Murphy’s we do live screening of the football matches so that you enjoy a beer, food and a great game. Truly, we cover all bases to make it the best hangout in Bangalore.

So, all you need to do is make an effort to visit Murphy’s and we will put our energy to show why it should be your best hangout!