Craft beer and Microbreweries!

History of craft beer

“Beer is beer!” they say.  But that’s not true. All beers are not the same. Craft beer is hand brewed beer with its aroma boasting about its purity and taste. So, why should you drink craft beer? And if you want best craft beer in Bangalore where do you think you should go?

First answering the first part of the question.

Burp! One more beer

Craft beer is all about purity and flavor. Microbreweries spend their time finding the best handpicked ingredients, which have improved over the years, for making the best brewed beer, quality and taste wise. They strive for perfection. There are no doubts about craft beer being the most preferred by your taste buds.

Which one do I drink?

Craft beers are unique and have exotic ingredients. Microbreweries have a diverse variety of beers to serve you. Every microbrewery serves exceptional beer whose wonderful aroma and taste will keep you wanting more.

Hi Brewster!

One of coolest things is that, you can actually meet the people who make the beer at the microbrewery. They are sweet and fun loving and their passion and expertise will surely astonish you. With all the knowledge imparted by them, you will love your craft beer even more!

I am drunk today!

Craft beers can have up to 40% of alcohol content. So, yes, after all the delicious craft beer you’ve had, you are bound to feel a wee bit tipsy.

I am healthy!

Craft beer has many health benefits! Experts say craft beer contains healthy nutrients like fibre, some B vitamins and are also a rich source of silicon. You will also consume less calories as you will drink less

Have a great time

With craft beer, you will definitely have some great time with friends and family. You can have a healthy beer discussion on its smell, taste, flavor and lots more. Drinking together can be a great way to bond with your friends and family

So if you’re looking for the best craft beer in Bangalore, Murphy’s Brewhouse is the best place to satisfy all your needs. What are you still waiting for?