Best Chasers for Alcoholic Beverages

Best Chasers for Alcoholic Beverages by Murphy's Brewhouse

A chaser is typically a non alcohol based drink that is typically consumed after a strong alcoholic drink. Chasers can be either mildly alcoholic or non alcoholic. So here we list the best chasers for alcoholic beverages

• Beer Chaser- The weak alcohol content and the pleasant taste make beer a good chaser. It is also known as beer back. Beer softens the harsh and foul flavour of stronger liquor in the mouth, as beer itself has a strong flavour. The most famous chaser combination is boilermaker. Boilermaker consists of a whiskey shot followed by a glass of beer.

• Water- There is no chaser more effective than water when it comes to vodka. Water chaser helps in enhancing your vodka experience by making sure you taste all the flavours of vodka each time you take a sip.

• Cranberry Juice- Cranberry juice as a chaser is good for vodka drinkers with a sweet tooth. This juice contains citric acids, which adds a little punch to your vodka. It makes sure to keep your palate clean enough so you can enjoy and experience every flavour of your vodka.

• Soft Drink and Juice- If you are looking for a non alcoholic yet flavourful chaser, soft drink and juice could be the best option for you. Fizzy soft drinks are good as chasers, as they complement the taste of liquors, while  juice usually has a strong taste that helps in softening the harsh taste of the alcoholic drink.

• Energy Drink- Energy drink with vodka shooters make an excellent combination. The caffeine in the energy drink will kick start your evening and keep you moving. Energy drink chasers are used with most types of alcohol such as brandy, tequila, vodka and gin.

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