What secrets do the best breweries around the world carry?


Brewing Grains
Have you ever noticed that the taste of fresh beer from the best brewery in Bangalore and Mumbai is different? Even within the city, you might have realized that different microbreweries in Bangalore gives different taste. What makes a perfect pint of brewed beer that you are holding? What is that making it taste distinctively delicious from other beers? The answer to your questions is grains that are used to brew beer. Do you know what kinds of grains are used for which kind of flavour? If not, then this guide will help you master the art of beer conversations.

  • Barley – Barley is the foundation grain used from the early ages of brewed beer. There are 100 of varieties of Barley giving each unique taste. This is the most preferred grain in the world to brew a beer. With the addition of yeast and hop in this barley, tasteful perfect pints of beer are prepared.
  • Corns – Mostly used in American breweries, Corn is used in a brewed beer to balance the neutral flavour and lighten the colour without affecting the strength of an alcohol. It was first used to control the high protein generated from barley. It is used in a small quantity and does not affect the flavour of a brewed beer.
  • Rice – Same as corns, rice is used in the brewing process to balance and lighten the colour of the beer. It doesn’t affect the flavour of the beer, but makes the beer drier. Rice is used in American and Japanese brew houses to make a lighter beer.
  • Wheat – Like Barley, wheat also has a long antiquity with brewed beer. Wheat is used in beer to give it a sharper taste. It contains protein, even higher than barley which give foamy, rich and creamy flavour to the beer. The flavour of wheat beer is long lasting in nature.
  • Oats – As they are rich in protein, oil and fat, they are unsuitable for brewing, but they are mixed with barley for creamy flavour. Oats are most famously used in Oatmeal stouts which is sweeter in comparison to other stouts. Oat adds rich mouth-feel and sweet cookie like aroma in brewed beer.
  • Rye – In order to add complexity, spiciness and crispness in the brewed beer, rye is added in the brewing process with barley. Generally, they are used to add spicy flavour in a beer. Also, they are kiln during process to bring caramel and chocolate flavour in a brewed beer.