Get Your Beer Hating Friend to Start Liking Beer!

How to Get Your Beer Hating Friend to Start Liking Beer!

So your best friend hates beer? Don’t worry we all have that one friend who just won’t admit that beer is the best drink. So, you would definitely want him to taste the best brewed beer in Bangalore that you love the most. We at Murphy’s Brewhouse have come up with these 3 simple steps to ensure that your friend gets going before you do.

Make your friend taste a brewed beer

Your friend normally would have heard about the bad taste that comes with a bottled beer. In fact, he might not be willing to drink a beer solely for this reason. The best way to get him/her to start drinking beer is by taking him/her to the best microbrewery in the Bangalore. The place sets up the mood and the distinct color, flavor and taste will definitely get him/her hooked. You can always drop by at Murphy’s Brewhouse to grab the best brewed beer in Bangalore.  Along with thirst quenching fresh beer, it is also a cool hangout place in Bangalore. So, why not give this place a try?

Treat your friend with a cold lager on a sunny day

No one can resist a chilled beer on a sunny day. Serve him a cold and refreshing beer – preferably with less hops. It will help him quench his thirst and probably end up liking beer. . Remember, the right combination of beer and food ensures a better time and your beer hating friend might actually fall in love with brewed beers.

Organize a beer tasting party

A beer tasting party is a get together of friends, where different type of beers and food are served. Invite few friends and don’t forget to invite your beer hating friend. Choose a beer which your friend might possibly like. Start a conversation around the beer, its aroma, smell and flavor. Involve your friend in the conversation. This will help your friend understand more about the beer and its history. He/she may start appreciating it and might gulp down a few.

Warning! Your beer hating friend can turn into a loyal brewed beer fan. He might actually start collecting more knowledge about the best hangout place in Bangalore, best brewed beer in Bangalore and great tasting fresh beer in Bangalore than you. And this might be a bad news for your ego!