Beer makes you more creative!

Beer makes you creative

Yes! You read it right! Drinking beer in moderation does make you more creative.

Alcohol affects the brain, a part called the cerebral cortex. The cerebral controls language, thought processing etc. When the alcohol enters the blood and reaches the cerebral cortex, you tend to become more relaxed and less worried about the world. You feel that you have gained the ability to accomplish any task.

Your brain is free from external disturbances, which gives you more room to process your thoughts on a particular thing. In fact, it also helps you to generate new ideas quickly as your brain can think better and faster.

A study was conducted on a group of 41 people and it has stated that people who drank beer were able to solve more puzzles and be more creative in the task given than the people who did not drink.

So, drinking beer is a great idea when you want to get creative. But make sure you drink moderately to add some extra fun. And drinking best brewed beer in Bangalore can actually give you a good time along with making you creative.

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