Light Is Your Enemy!

Light Is Your Enemy by Murphy's Brewhouse

The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer! And if it’s a bad or skunky beer, then I don’t think a man can even fake a smile. Many people believe that when beer absorbs heat, it becomes skunky. But the truth is, it’s the exposure to the light that ruins the beer. The hops used in the beer are light sensitive. So, when exposed to light, it becomes skunky. You can always check the odor, flavor or appearance of beer to know whether it is a good enough to chug. Beer, our beloved drink, always promises us a great time. Therefore, it is our duty to pamper our beer and protect it from all the evil things that ruins it. So, here are a few tips to keep your beer healthy:

  • Storage – Always store your beer in cool and dark place. Light sensitive hops cannot take the UV rays of sunlight, which can give an undesirable effect. So from the next time, even if you don’t have a refrigerator to store your beer (where it is meant to be stored), store it in a dark place. Make sure your beer is away from light at all times
  • Packaging – You may be surprised to know that the packaging of the beer like, color of the cans or bottles can affect your precious beer. Talking about the bottles, clear glasses are the worst when it comes to filtering UV rays. In comparison to clear bottles, brown bottles do a good job while filtering light, while green bottles are okay at their job.

When given an option between a bottle and a can, always go for a can. Their metallic body is better at reflecting UV rays and do not give off a metallic taste. They are also light proof containers. Also, if possible, select boxed bottled beer. Beers inside these boxes are secure and well protected

  • Sourcing – If you are not going to the brewery for a fresh beer, then you have to pick your beer up from the local vendor. There are few things you need to remember while picking up beer and think of a good time ahead. Firstly, see where the beer is stored. If it is on display, then it is best not to buy that beer. Secondly, reach for the beer that are in the back of the shelf. These are the ones that are well protected from the UV rays

In order to avoid the situation of skunky beer, always go for fresh beer. And for well balanced, flavorful beer, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. Along with best brewed beer in Bangalore, you will also find cool place to hangout.