How to Loose a Beer Belly

Loose your beer belly - Murphy's Brewhouse

Are you one of those guys who think twice before gulping a beer? Probably afraid of the aftermath? Fret not, because we have 3 golden rules which ensures that you won’t get that big belly.

  • Consume in moderation

Beer has been in the limelight for causing big bellies. The misconception is that you will get a belly regardless of how much beer you consume (even when consumed in moderation), which is not true. The best way to beat big beer bellies is to consume beer and food in moderation.

  • Select a premium beer

Chugging a lot of low quality bottled beer these days? Well, you’re mostly likely to end up with a beer belly. Low quality beers contain a lot of calories and are usually the main cause for big bellies. Always prefer the best brewed beer over mass produced bottled beer. This will ensure that you consume less calories.

  • Exercise

Consuming in moderation sometimes become difficult. Isn’t it? We know it’s tough. Working out for a couple of minutes every day will not only ensure that you’re fit, you can also kiss that big fat belly of yours good bye. The icing on the cake is that the more you sweat, the more you can chug.

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