Best Brew Pairings for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's day - brewery

May you always have love in your hearts and beer in your belly!

Every day is St. Patrick’s Day for a beer lover. But then again, March 17th holds a special place in every drink enthusiast’s heart. It is the perfect occasion to try out the best Irish brews. A day to unwind, enjoying delicious pints with friends and family, is what makes it special. Indulge guilt free and have a good time, because, as the saying goes, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

No matter which brew you choose, the best news is that Irish beers are a delight at the table, as the perfect companion for savory as well sweet delicacies.  Here are the perfect pairings you could try out, this St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Irish Mint ale: Irish ale has a gentle grassy, floral aroma mixed with caramel and toast. With plenty of toasted bread, light bitterness, faint sweetness, and a smooth mouth feel, this brew goes perfectly with Reuben sandwich or a crème Brule tart. The beer’s dry, crisp nature complements the salty, greasy glory of the sandwich. Paired with a crème Brule, the caramel flavours in the tart, accentuates the toasty sweetness in the beer.
  • Guinness: This luscious, dark and creamy brew feels like heaven when consumed. A tad bitter with appealing notes of roasted coffee and chocolate, this beer feels like liquid silk. And what would go best with it other than a wholesome Shepherd’s pie or a scrumptious slice of Guinness stout ginger cake? Nothing! So, dig in!
  • Stout: This brew has many variations; from dry to sweet, some hoppy and some alcoholic. What makes stout stand out from other beers is its prominent roasted flavor. It slides down your throat with rich, smooth finesse. Ah, perfect! So when you’re clinking mugs full of stout, be sure to accompany it with pot roast, oysters, chocolate pudding pie or a delicious chocolate mousse.
  • Irish Cranberry lager: This beer tastes lightly of toffee and freshly baked bread, with a fruity and refreshing crisp, which reminds you of apples. It has a floral aroma and restrained bitterness. Irish lager goes perfectly with seared tuna with olive-tapenade vinaigrette and arugula or a caramel apple crisp.

So, when you’re hanging out with your friends or family, be sure to grab a bite while enjoying these first-class brews. And who else can serve you the best Irish brews better than an Irish brewery itself? So come on over to Murphy’s and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish way!