Beer over Coffee!

Beer Over Coffee

“Lord, gave me coffee to change the things I can change and beer to accept the things I can’t! “

Beer and coffee, both are the loved beverages in the world. Beer promises you fun time, whereas coffee keeps you busy till the time you are actually allowed to drink beer. Although people say that coffee activates your brain and alcohol slows it down, that’s not the truth. Alcohol actually helps you to think straight and get new, brilliant ideas. Drinking coffee is good but drinking beer is better. There is just way too many reasons to prove this statement right.

  • Beer makes you less worried about the problems that you are surrounded by. Also, craft beer actually helps you to connect things deeply and think of a better solution than drinking coffee and thinking hard to come up with the solution
  • When you drink a small amount of coffee it will result in a tolerance, but your body will crave for more to get the same amount of stimulation. Whereas, drinking craft beer helps you to enjoy the time and relax without demanding more
  • Beer makes you creative. Beer is good when you are in need of an initial idea. Whereas coffee is good only when you are slogging to get your things get done. Why do you think there are numerous drunk artist rather than drunk managers?

Moreover, if you are a craft beer lover who likes coffee as well, then you always have a coffee stout. This will give you the best of both worlds!