Beer Movies – Best to Be Watched While Drinking Beer!

Movies on beer by Murphy's Brewhouse

Hollywood and beer are friends for ages. In Hollywood movies, beers, pubs and Brewhouse can be seen as prominent part of the character’s lifestyle. Craft beers and breweries are shown as an integral part of English culture. And there are some movies, where drinks and pubs have a very central part of the plot. So, some of the movies having beer as a critical plot of the movies that a beer geek must watch are:

  • I hope they serve beer in Hell – As interesting as its name sounds, this movie is based on a New York time bestselling book. This movie revolves around the protagonist Tucker Max and bachelor party of his friends Dan and Drew. It’s really interesting to see how this party changes Tucker Max’s life. This is a 2009 American comedy movie which is claimed to be based on a real life. In short, this movie proves the point that, “No great story started with someone eating a salad”!
  • The world’s end – This is a 2013 science fiction comedy telling the story about a group of friends who discover an alien during their long due epic pub crawling. This movie starts with an alcoholic, middle aged – Gary King, who tracks down his school friend and ask them (actually blackmail them, threaten them, beg them!) for an epic 12 pub crawling night. And for the alien and the sci-fi part, you have to watch this movie yourself. Advice – don’t watch it sober, if full fun is intended
  • Hangover – The worst fear of any drink lover, we tend to forget about the after effects of the fun night as we are busy giving our best performance. As people can easily relate to this movie, this movie was a huge success and second and third part was also released. This movie is based on the drinking episode of 3 friends – Phil Wenneck, Alan and Stu Price. The main plot of all this trilogy is how crazily they drink and forget all events that happened in that fun night. And the next day their adventure starts to find out the truth about that epic night with their head blogging Hangover!
  • Withnail and I – This is a 1987 dark comedy movie about 2 unemployed, young actors, whose career is not going in any direction. This movie revolves around a series of misadventure that these two people face and how they try to tackle it. This movie not has our only favorite craft beer, but also wine, scotch and whiskey as its central character. You have to watch the movie and thank beer for being a companion during every hardship of life. Thus verifying “Beer is the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!”