Beer Festivals Around The World


Beer Festivals around the World!

Beer festivals are organized to give a chance for all beer lovers to taste and purchase  wide range of beers that they might not be aware of. With lots of fun events, competitions, parades that you will be surrounded by, don’t expect to remain sober. Here, we are giving you the list of 5 greatest beer festivals that should not be missed by a beer enthusiast.

The Great American Beer Festival– This 3 day annual event is held in Denver, US in late September or early October. Along with beer sampling this festival is also about competitions. Many brewing companies of US enter this competition to win “Brewery of the year”. You can expect to get the best tasting US brewed beer in this festival.

Pilsner Fest- Czech republic– On 4th October every year in order to celebrate the first brewery of Pilsner Urquell, this festival is organized. This festival is known to celebrate the history of the Brewery. Master Bartender competition and pleasing music programs are the main attractions of this festival.

The Great British Beer Festival– This is an annual beer festival for Cask Ale lovers. First full week of Aug, from Tuesday to Saturday, drinks are served to around 55,000 people. The venue is styled as the biggest pub in the world where you can get 450 beers from British Breweries and 200 foreign beers. This place sure is the heaven for beer lovers. Along, with beer, music festival is also organized.

The Belgian Beer Weekend– If you wish to hold brewed beer throughout the weekend, then visit this Belgian Beer weekend. All kinds of brewed beer- Blond beer, fruit beer, white beer, strong beer are the fascination of this festival. You can even join the parade with historic beer carts in traditional costumes. It is held on the first weekend of September.

Oktoberfest– King of all beer Fest, this is the world’s largest fair held annually in Munich, Germany. The history of Oktoberfest goes back to 1810. This 16 day festival, which starts on last week of September and goes up till the first weekend of October has inspired Oktoberfest celebration in other cities around the world. Traditional foods, Amusement rides and beers are the main attractions of this festival. It has recorded to serve up to 7 million liters of beer.