Beer cocktail – A perfect summer drink!

Beer Cocktail by Murphy's Brewhouse

A wise man once said, whatever good things we build, end up building us. And sensible people over the history proved it by making a super delicious beer cocktail, which surely ended up building good times for us. Beer cocktails are a perfect summer drink. Whether you are having abrasive or knotty situations in life, there is no feeling that these cocktails cannot untangle. During hot and humid weather, these cocktails are a blessing. So, here are some of the beer cocktails that you must try this summer.

Weissen Sour – Who doesn’t like a little sunshine in their life? This bright cocktail contains bourbon, lemon juice, orange marmalade and a white ale. This basically is an enhanced version of whiskey sour and as usual beer’s making it better!

How to make it: Combine bourbon, fresh lime juice, orange marmalade, orange bitters and make it boozy by adding white ale. Don’t forget to add ice and gently shake this drink and let your blithe spirit out!

The end zone – After a tedious day in the office, the end zone can be your soul mate to add a good finishing touch to your day.

How to make it: Combine bourbon, any light beer, frozen lemonade in a pitcher and stir. This easy to make drink is as promising as hot coffee in a cold day

Black Velvet – So, if you have a champagne as well as Irish stout beer, which one should you drink first? The answer is both. The answer is always both.

How to make it: Add equal amounts of champagne and Irish stout beer in a glass and stir

El Ayudacal – As classy as the name sounds, El ayudacal is a must try beer cocktail during summer. In case you think drinking Pilsner beer direct from the bottle is too mainstream for your classy style, try El ayudacal

How to make it: Combine lime juice, agave nectar, and lime zest in a glass and top it up with Pilsner styled beer and stir gently. If you think this is yet to touch your level of sophistication, garnish it with a lime wheel

The fluttering shandy – The fluttering shandy is the beer cocktail that promises to flirt with your taste buds and give you the much awaited tantalizing sensation. Mixed with any soft drink, shandy is ever ready to guarantee a great taste

How to make it: Pour a soft drink of your choice into a glass filled with ice. Add lime and top with beer!