Beer Bucket List

beer bucket list

Skydiving, going to Paris and, climbing the Empire state building are just common to-do things that people have on their bucket list. Being beer lovers, we thought “why not make an uncommon bucket list solely about beer?”

Check out the beer bucket list that every beer lover should make:

  • Attend a beer festival- Come on! We know you have always wanted to attend a beer festival. It is a damn good idea and you should definitely go for it! Beer festivals are one of the best places to be at for sampling a wide variety of beers and meeting some of the best brewers! So this year, save up and go on this boozy adventure.
  • Brew your own beer-With a little bit of patience and some effort, you can brew your own beer.

    Go give this one a try and host your very own sampling party. Who knows, it might turn out to be a hit!

  • Beer knowledge- Take time to educate yourself about your favourite drink. Read about its history, how it is brewed and so on. Find out everything about beer and go ahead and show off your knowledge.
  • Host beer parties– Beer is meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends. Double up the fun and share your beer by hosting a beer party at your place. To make it more interesting, ask your friends to bring a new bottle each. Who knows? You might get to taste something new that way.
  • Drink beer on a boat– Is drinking in pubs too mainstream for you? Well, go out of your way and be adventurous. Next time when you go for boating, carry a bottle of your favourite beer with you. Warning: Go with a sober friend!

Go ahead, take a print of this! Add to this and make your own beer bucket list. Make sure you do them all! And once you are done trying them all, drop by at your best hangout place- Murphy’s Brewhouse. Chug down the best brewed beer here and share your experience with us!