Beer- A perfect drink to spread happiness!

Beer and Happiness

Since ages, beer has been the prominent symbol of friendship. It has been your partner in crime, friend in need and sidekick on celebration. Over a beer, you can talk badly about your job, boast your accomplishment or chalk out a million dollar business plan. In short, beer has been and always will be your major source of happiness. Be it craft fully brewed beer or bottled beer, they help bind people close together. So, how’s beer spreading happiness for years?

  • To start with, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink for a reason. Had a tiresome and exhausting day at work? No worries, gather up all your tired co-workers for drinking and wind up your day on a happy note!
  • If your friend is being secretive and you are not able to spill the truth – take him out for a drink. But remember, what goes round comes around!
  • Beer pong! Imaging the ultimate fun game Beer pong without beer. You need beer for this famous game to set up the right mood and create an interactive – fun environment
  • Beer fests. To celebrate the holiness of beer, beer fests are being organized around the world. It brings all the beer enthusiast together and let them savour the beauty of beer
  • Those who believe wine tasting is the sophisticated way of happiness have never experienced the joy of tasting brewed beer. Tasting the freshly brewed beer gives much more satisfaction than your imagination. For this, don’t forget to stop by at Murphy’s for the best brewed beer in Bangalore
  • There’s a beer for every character and personality. You name your personality and you get the beer of your choice. And what can be more fun than finding your own kind?

And the best part is you do not need any reason to grab a glass of beer. Moreover, even the thought of beer itself makes you happy!  As truly said by Benjamin Franklin, “Beer is a living proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy!!”