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Why You Should Drink After Work Today?

“Happiness is a soul-refreshing Irish craft brewed beer to unwind your tiring day!” Are you living a crazy busy life? Are you the one replying “I am tired after work, just want to go back home and sleep”? Then this article is definitely for you. Do you know that if you don’t unwind yourself after […]

Drinks for Different Occasions

“I drink when I have an occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion!” Wedding, graduation, promotion, birthdays all are incomplete without a drink. Drinks are major part of celebrations, gatherings and social occasions. Sometimes, you need a reason to drink and sometimes, let’s just say you feel like drinking. The knowledge of the best drink […]

5 Special Ingredients Used for Brewing

“Remember, beer has food value, but food has no beer value.” Who says brewed beer has to be brewed only with grains, yeast and hop? In many breweries around the world, they mix different kind of food during the brewing process to add zestier flavour to it. These craft beers are delicious with their distinguished […]

The Infamous Ale from the West

Did you know that your beer is largely divided into 2 categories – Lager and Ale? Lager is produced from the bottom fermented yeast whereas Ale is produced by the top fermented yeast. Sweeter and fruitier in the taste, Ale is prepared from malted barley. Hops are added in this to get that bitter flavour. […]

The Tales of Irish Brew Houses around the World

“A quick death and an easy one A pretty girl and an honest one A cold beer – and another one!” Ireland is a country known for happy, musical, hardworking and hard drinking people. Their social life circles around pubs. They celebrate their life with Guinness and Stout beer. And they surely know their drink […]

The Eternal Love for Beer Glasses in Brewpubs

“There cannot be good living where there is no drinking.” The Belgians were the first people who thought that the right kind of beer bottles give you the right kind of taste. Imagine you are given a strong ale in a wine glass or stout in a steel glass. Disastrous! That will surely ruin your […]

Best Brew Pairings for St. Patrick’s Day

May you always have love in your hearts and beer in your belly! Every day is St. Patrick’s Day for a beer lover. But then again, March 17th holds a special place in every drink enthusiast’s heart. It is the perfect occasion to try out the best Irish brews. A day to unwind, enjoying delicious […]

Microbreweries and Irish Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day, the beloved festival of every drink enthusiast, is just round the corner. You can only try to fathom the amount of pressure microbreweries undergo during this season. First, they have to make it Irish and second it has to be the best. So, these are the most loved Irish drinks around the […]

Microbreweries and Spring

Best Beer for Spring Spring is coming! This is the season of happiness, festivals and gatherings. It marks the end of brutal chilly cold days and the start of long sunny days. It is a perfect season for a barbeque, get together and outings. And what can be the perfect thing to welcome such joyous […]

What secrets do the best breweries around the world carry?

Brewing Grains Have you ever noticed that the taste of fresh beer from the best brewery in Bangalore and Mumbai is different? Even within the city, you might have realized that different microbreweries in Bangalore gives different taste. What makes a perfect pint of brewed beer that you are holding? What is that making it taste […]