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Light Is Your Enemy!

The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer! And if it’s a bad or skunky beer, then I don’t think a man can even fake a smile. Many people believe that when beer absorbs heat, it becomes skunky. But the truth is, it’s the exposure to the light that ruins the beer. The […]

You think you are serious about beer? Think again!

Different countries have different drinking policies. Be it an economic downturn or a happy festival, people will continue to buy beer. Some countries take their beer very seriously. For instance, ancient Babylonians were so serious about their brewing that if people brew a bad beer, they were drowned in it as a punishment. Bad beer […]

12 Beer Facts You Need to Know

Beer Facts You Must and Should Know! The oldest beer recipe and advertisement was found on a clay tablet from 4000 B.C. In many cultures, the first professional brewers were women, known as brewsters. These maidens were extremely beautiful. Women make everything seem better, eh? Ancient Babylonians were really serious about their beer. If anyone […]

History of “Cheers”

Ever wondered why people say a big ole ‘cheers’ before drinking? Clinking their glasses together, spilling precious beers, pronouncing ‘cheers’ as ‘cheyers’, it doesn’t really make sense does it?. However saying ‘cheers’ or a toast before gulping down an ale is an age old tradition which has been in existence for around thousands of years. […]

Craft beer and Microbreweries!

“Beer is beer!” they say.  But that’s not true. All beers are not the same. Craft beer is hand brewed beer with its aroma boasting about its purity and taste. So, why should you drink craft beer? And if you want best craft beer in Bangalore where do you think you should go? First answering […]

How to Loose a Beer Belly

Are you one of those guys who think twice before gulping a beer? Probably afraid of the aftermath? Fret not, because we have 3 golden rules which ensures that you won’t get that big belly. Consume in moderation Beer has been in the limelight for causing big bellies. The misconception is that you will get […]

Beer makes you more creative!

Yes! You read it right! Drinking beer in moderation does make you more creative. Alcohol affects the brain, a part called the cerebral cortex. The cerebral controls language, thought processing etc. When the alcohol enters the blood and reaches the cerebral cortex, you tend to become more relaxed and less worried about the world. You […]

Get Your Beer Hating Friend to Start Liking Beer!

So your best friend hates beer? Don’t worry we all have that one friend who just won’t admit that beer is the best drink. So, you would definitely want him to taste the best brewed beer in Bangalore that you love the most. We at Murphy’s Brewhouse have come up with these 3 simple steps […]

A beer tasting party!

A beer tasting party! Bottoms up! When was the last time you said bottoms up with the people you love with fresh beer in your hand? Why not now? See to organize beer tasting party, you have two options: either organize it at your place or find out a real cool hangout place in Bangalore. […]

Myths about beer!

Whether you are a beer enthusiast or just another beer drinker, you might say that you know a lot about beer. Due to your regular visits to microbreweries in Bangalore, you might think you know everything. We agree, you might know about the best hangout place in Bangalore or where can you find fresh beer […]