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What type of bar you want to own?

So, you’ve decided that you want to own a bar, now the thing is, what kind of bar do you want to own? To start with, you have to decide on the theme of the bar. Is it the Irish bar that you have seen in the movie leap year or the cool sports bar that […]

Tips for better Pub Crawling experience!

When young and energetic, you feel drinking in a same place all night is too boring. So, going around a city visiting and drinking at a series of pubs can be a great idea. Make sure you have at least one sober friend or a friend with high alcohol tolerance to make sure you reach […]

Murphy’s Brewhouse Events!

Like the famous quote goes, “The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer”. In Murphy’s we make sure it is filled with the freshly brewed, thirst quenching beer that makes you go Hallelujah! And what can be more soul rejuvenating than Irish-Craft-Brewed, Guinness beer. Besides providing you with intoxicating flavors of beer […]

Beer Movies – Best to Be Watched While Drinking Beer!

Hollywood and beer are friends for ages. In Hollywood movies, beers, pubs and Brewhouse can be seen as prominent part of the character’s lifestyle. Craft beers and breweries are shown as an integral part of English culture. And there are some movies, where drinks and pubs have a very central part of the plot. So, […]

Low Calorie Beer!

Beer doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean against doors, tables and walls! When brewers brew an ultra-beer or low-calories beer, it’s not just the calorie they decrease. They also reduce the alcohol content. Sadly, you have to drink more bottles of beer to match the mellow buzz. So, before you grab a low-calorie […]

Better Bitter Beer!

Brewing is a fine art and the brewer brewing is an artist! These artists want to give best tasting brewed beer to the world. So, in the race of giving best and unique beer to the beer lovers and differentiate ales from the mild ones, breweries started brewing bitter beer. Gold to copper in colour, […]

Beer over Coffee!

“Lord, gave me coffee to change the things I can change and beer to accept the things I can’t! “ Beer and coffee, both are the loved beverages in the world. Beer promises you fun time, whereas coffee keeps you busy till the time you are actually allowed to drink beer. Although people say that […]

The different kinds of drunks

We all fit into certain categories in society, the do-gooder, the agony aunt, the party animal and the party pooper. The same idea applies to drunk people! You may have noticed quite a few at Murphy’s and among your friend group but here is a broad classification of the kind of drunks you are bound […]

Local Brewhouse!

Let’s face it, brewing is hard work and it takes some effort to get that perfectly brewed beer we serve every evening. But showing support for your local brewhouse doesn’t just pay us for the effort, it has a ton of other benefits which helps brewing as a business in the long haul! Here are […]

Raising an Irish toast!

“Our Irish blunders are never blunders from a heart!” The Irish are known to be warm, fun-loving, passionate people. They are famous for their musical talent and great brewed beers. There are several funny and quirky quotes from the Irish that are very famous and decorate walls of many breweries around the world. The social […]