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Origin of the Classic Cocktails

It is always nice to have a little of everything and when it comes to a mixed drink, what can be better than cocktails? Cocktail is a mix of drinks, typically made with a beverage that is mixed with other ingredients. Cocktail is everyone’s favorite, but have you ever wondered how they originated? No? Well, […]

A Perfect Glass for a Perfect Drink

How do you want to drink today? On the rocks, with a carbonation or with a mixer like cocktails? As every season has its own prominence, every drink has its own aroma and taste. They have to be served in different glasses to boost their elegance. Here is the list of glass wares used for […]

Varieties of Whiskey

Whiskey is made of different types of grains like Barley, Malted Barley, Rice, Wheat and Maize, stored in a wooden cask. Choosing on a whiskey is like choosing a candy, there are so many varieties and options that you want them all, which makes it quite confusing for someone who just wants the good old […]

Tale of Beer History

Doesn’t matter if it’s 9 a.m. or 9 p.m, we all love a beer anytime! We have been drinking beer since forever now yet we know little about it. When was beer invented and how? many a beer lovers wouldn’t know the answer to that. Drinking and brewing beer has been a part of our […]

Parties Are Fun With Drinks!

Imagine a party with just food, talk and decorations, boring right? Sounds like something‘s missing? Booze it is! Did it cross your mind right after reading the first line that I missed the drinks? Then you’re on the right page and definitely an enthusiastic party animal! Parties are fun, they help us escape from the […]

Types Of Wine

Is it date night again? Wondering what to drink? Well, Wine is definitely going to be your best friend on a date. Be it drinking it, or simply talking about it. For instance, the story about the wine you bought from a winery you visited, is sure to hit off a good conversation. So to […]

Alcohol Percentages In Drinks

Drinking for the first time at an office party? Worried about saying things that you aren’t supposed to? That is a bit scary, no doubt. But the good news is, that knowing a little about alcohol percentage in different drinks can help you a little. We understand your worries and need and that’s why decided […]

Beer- A perfect drink to spread happiness!

Since ages, beer has been the prominent symbol of friendship. It has been your partner in crime, friend in need and sidekick on celebration. Over a beer, you can talk badly about your job, boast your accomplishment or chalk out a million dollar business plan. In short, beer has been and always will be your […]

Know the wine basics – Are you sipping it right?

Wine drinking is an art. Some are born with it, some may just have to learn it. And for those who are learning it, we’ve got your back. We will tell you the right way to sip your wine, so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of others. To start with, you should always treat […]

The Long Drinks!

“Good people drink good cocktail!” Served in tall glasses, long drinks can know your mood better than you. Mixtures of alcohol and fruit juice or soda, long drinks make sure you get your drinks a little longer. Though diluted in comparison to the short drinks – don’t ever underestimate the power of these drinks! At […]