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Types of Liqueurs

A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that has a touch of different flavours such as fruits, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts, and contains added sugar. They are usually served as desserts with coffee, but can also be used while cooking to add distinct flavours. They are served in very small glasses as they are […]

Food & Drink Combinations

“The more alcohol you drink, the hungrier you get”, science suggests. Not surprising at all, because alcohol stimulates appetite in a way that increases the craving for high-fat, salty food. While pizza is a classic beer food, it may not be paired best with every alcohol. So, here is a list of some our favourite […]

The Beer Pong Game

Everyone enjoys sipping on a cold brewed beer but what makes it more exciting is adding a game touch to simple beer drinking. Beer pong is a popular drinking game; it is extremely fun and can be enjoyed by anyone of legal age. Today, we decided to cover the basic rule of this amazingly fun […]

4 Different Types of Rum

Rum is a versatile spirit which is made from distilled sugarcane or molasses Like most spirits, and has undergone some changes in the recent years. It is no longer restricted to mojitos, but people are becoming more curious about its myriad uses and diverse flavour profiles. Like most spirits, it comes in a variety of […]

Whiskey Myths: Debunked

Are you flooded with questions and facts about the greatest spirit- Whiskey? The prohibition era left a gap in the knowledge of whiskey, leading to a series of myths and misconceptions. So, we decided to pour forth the facts about the legendary Whiskey and clear away the myths, so you can show off your whiskey […]

Wine Myths: Debunked

Most common wine thinking is just misconceptions and myths floating around. So, this week we decided to help you clean your palate of these popular misconceptions and debunk the common wine myths for you. · Expensive wines are better wines- Wine prices are never swayed by the factors such as the taste and the quality of […]

Top 8 Mocktails

Mocktails are non-alcoholic beverages; they are typically non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic beverages. They are the perfect party drinks for both who consume alcohol and who don’t. They are cool, refreshing and completely party friendly. So here is the list of mocktails that will tantalise your taste buds. 1. Shirley Temple- This traditional mix of ginger ale […]

Five Mysterious Facts About Irish Beer

Beer! Beer! Beer! That’s the word on everyone’s lips in Ireland. To an Irish man the neighbouring pub is their second home and favourite hangout place. Irish palates are discerning, therefore poor quality beer can never be in the market for a long time, they usually disappear. Last week we gave you a list of […]

8 Irish Style Beers to Drink

Irish people love beer and if it’s one thing the Irish do well, it’s brewing a good pint. Ireland is the home to big breweries and Irish beer range from light and crisp to thick and creamy, perfect for thirst-quenching and as a companion for spicy food. So here is the list of 8 Irish […]

Know How Your Beer Is Brewed

Beer has a large variety, there are at least four hundred types of beer. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, office parties, be it any occasion- beer is the drink to have. But do you know how it is brewed? Brewing process in a brewery is classified into 7 different stages 1. Milling the grain – Different grains are […]