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Best place to hangout in Bangalore?

Which is the best place to hangout with friends in Bangalore you ask? We are a bit modest to agree that “WE” are, so here is a little insight on what makes Murphy’s Microbrewery one of the best place to hangout with friends. An individual’s choice of beer depends on the time and place. The […]

The brewing maestro!

“…Because no great stories started with someone eating a Salad.” If you know one thing about Ireland, it is that they get their Booze right. Come in to Murphy’s for a taste of authentic Irish brewed beers, and tantalize your taste buds with amazing thin crust pizzas, cooked to perfection. Here, at Murphy’s we provide […]

How to taste a beer

When tasting a particular beer for the first time, most people just gulp it down, burp and say “it’s awesome” or “its crap”. Even though tasting beer is an individual art, we at Murphy’s Microbrewery in Bangalore will teach you how to taste a beer like a true professional that you are: Look Take your […]


Interesting game to play with a coin, 2 shot glasses and empty beer cans. As the game progresses, you’ll drink heavily, form new alliances and comrades take your place in the battlefield. Requirement – • Coin • A table to spin the coin • Couple of shot glasses • Lots of beer (cans/bottles/mugs) Setup– This […]

Currently being brewed

Murphy’s Brewhouse This post is currently being brewed. Wait a bit. It’ll be up here soon. See you soon, Murphy