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5 Microbreweries loving countries

Fresh Beer from microbreweries is the most loved alcoholic beverage in the world. It is a perfect drink for every occasion. You don’t need a reason to open a bottle of beer. Beer is an official fun drink for hangouts with friends, festivals, weekends or any other occasion you can think of. Beer has become […]

Brewed Beer! For the best or worst

“There is no such thing as a bad beer. It is just that some beers taste better than others.” Brewed beer is one of the most loved beverage in the world. Whether it be Dublin or Bangalore, brewed beer is one of the most preferred alcoholic beverage. It has been the part of relaxation, celebration and […]

Stout Beer Guide

“He was a wise man who invented beer.” And he was a wiser man who invented Stout beer. Have you ever thought that you might be missing out the best tasting beers in the world by ordering same beer every day? Or why the Irish are culturally known for good quality beer and famous for […]

Fresh Beer, Sports and the Best Hangout Place

“Football needs beer and beer needs football”. The story of beer and sports go a long way back. Be it the American Super Bowl game or the English Premier League, you can see supporters cheering on their team in their best hangout place with fresh beer in their hands. Whether your team is winning or […]

Best Hangout – Murphy’s Brewhouse

What Makes Murphy’s the Best Hangout? “It is a lot easier to start a day when you know it will end with a beer.” And if it’s soul refreshing Irish-Craft-Brewed, Guinness and Stout beer, then definitely you can’t wait to start your day. Stating the truth, Murphy’s gives the best brewed beer in the Bangalore. […]

Beer Festivals Around The World

Beer Festivals around the World! Beer festivals are organized to give a chance for all beer lovers to taste and purchase  wide range of beers that they might not be aware of. With lots of fun events, competitions, parades that you will be surrounded by, don’t expect to remain sober. Here, we are giving you […]

Dishes to pair up with Brewed Beer

Have you ever been the one, when asked about food to order at a pub, go completely blank?  Or you still have no idea what food goes well with which beer? So, to give you more confidence in your food choice with the best experience, we have collected the list of food items to perfectly […]

Classic Pub Songs

Music is the world’s best medium to relieve stress. There is a song for every occasion, whether you fall in love or get heartbroken, you can always find a song to best describe your situation. When it’s combined with beer, it becomes a killer combo! So, here we give you the list of the 10 […]

Irish Drinking Games

These three best Irish drinking games work best when you and your pals are looking for an excuse to have fun. You don’t need anything fancy to start playing the three best Irish drinking games, all you need is a deck or cards, a set of dice and the willingness to let yourself loose. Irish […]

The Perfect Pour

What makes a perfect pour? A perfect pour is one which goes right through the taste of the beer and keeps its essence and flavors. Pouring a beer is more of an art than science. Appreciating a great beer and how to pour right through to the taste is very essential. Here at Murphy’s Brew […]