Authentic Irish Microbrewery!

Authentic Irish Microbrewery! by Murphy's Brewhouse

Authentic Irish Microbrewery!

“May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience, and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint!”

An Irish microbrewery is among the most loved theme- pubs around the world. They have a certain Irish charm to add fun to your hangout. The older the better, there is nothing like an old fashioned Irish microbrewery. So, if you visit an Irish microbrewery, what should be there to tag it as an authentic Irish pub?

  • Old Photographs – Along with their drinks, the Irish are also famous for their quirky quotes. And on the walls of an Irish brewery, you can actually see the old photographs with lots of such quotes and images. And when you read these quotes while drinking refreshing Irish stouts, let’s say it’s a Disneyworld for beer admirers
  • Fun, Rowdy Crowd – Irish pubs are incomplete without a fun crowd. The spontaneous energy people experience in these pubs, is just amazing. Even if you are alone in an Irish pub, you will never be bored or lonely. Who knows? You may actually end up meeting your perfect Irish mate in an Irish pub. Definitely the best drunk fairytale!
  • Live Music – Ireland is also known as a musical country. We can see many people in Irish breweries giving a live performance and getting paid by free booze. Now, you wish to be blessed with their musical talent, don’t you?
  • Irish Stouts – Ireland’s pubs are tough to imagine without their favorite or say world’s favorite Guinness. As these authentic pubs are run by generations, the secret recipe for brewing delicious stouts are also passed down the generations. So, for mouthwatering stouts there is no place like authentic Irish breweries. These breweries are home to these flavorful stouts
  • Wooden Chairs and themed mirrors – When you visit an authentic Irish pub, you will definitely see the tall wooden stools by the bar. These traditional furniture and themed mirrors, which advertises their best beers, brings life to these authentic pubs

Irish people surely know how to get their drinks right, huh? And when you visit their pubs for the drink, you can expect the best Irish brewed beers and pub grubs. And if you are in Bangalore, searching for such fun place to drink, visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. We surely know to brew our beer to make it your favorite.