Alcohol Percentages In Drinks

Alcohol Percentages in Drinks

Drinking for the first time at an office party? Worried about saying things that you aren’t supposed to? That is a bit scary, no doubt. But the good news is, that knowing a little about alcohol percentage in different drinks can help you a little. We understand your worries and need and that’s why decided to educate you a bit this week about alcohol and their percentages. Read further to know more!

Beer – Beer is considered as a universal drink. It is the best and the most preferred drink when casually hanging out with friends or enjoying a dinner party. Beer contains around 3 – 10% of alcohol in, you can be actually still be in your senses even if you chug down an entire bottle of beer.

Wine – Wine is considered as a sophisticated drink and usually preferred on dates. Wine is made using black grapes and that explains its taste and colour. Wine contains almost 8-14% of alcohol. The % differs according to the type of the wine. However, the fortified wine may contain up to 20% of alcohol.

Spirits – Other spirits like whisky, vodka, gin, rum, tequila contain between 35 – 40 % of alcohol. These drinks are made using different ingredients. The percentage varies again a little depending on the type of the drink. You can have these drinks on the rocks and get into trance world soon. Go ahead and feel the high with these hard drinks.

Cocktails – Cocktails are made by mixing one or different alcohols at a time. Check the mix of the drink before you order. Be cautious before ordering them. It is always advised to not order a cocktail which involves mixing of multiple alcohols, as mixing gets you high easily and you may lose control!

Now, that you know about different drinks in detail, choose the perfect one for yourself. And in case, if beer happens to be your favourite, don’t forget to check out Murphy’s brewhouse for the best brewed beer in Bangalore.