A Perfect Glass for a Perfect Drink

A perfect glass for a perfect drink by Murphy's Brewhouse

How do you want to drink today? On the rocks, with a carbonation or with a mixer like cocktails? As every season has its own prominence, every drink has its own aroma and taste. They have to be served in different glasses to boost their elegance. Here is the list of glass wares used for different kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Martini – Martini comes in a cone shaped glass with a long stem. This cone shape avoids the ingredients to separate, it keeps the ingredients together. It’s ideal for cocktail drinks, which includes martinis, manhattans, metropolitans and gimlets (without ice). It has a large surface to flare up the aroma.

High ball – High ball is a long glass which is well suited for carbonated cocktails. This type of glassware holds the bubbles in the glass (carbonation). Carbonated cocktails should not have high surface area. The higher the surface area the more the carbonation gets out of the drink. As highball type of glassware has small surface, it is ideal for carbonated drinks.

Rock glass – This type of glassware is ideal for drinks on the rocks because it holds on an average of 2 to 4 ounces of drink. This type of glassware can accommodate a good amount of ice and there is always a room to stir the drinks. As this glass has high surface area one can smell the aroma of drinks.

Grappa glass – This glassware comes under long stem ware. This long stem keeps the drink cool for longer hours. It also has a bulb shape at its end, which helps in maintaining the temperature. You can whiff a slight aroma of the drink from its small surface.

Tumbler glass – This glassware comes with a flat bottom. It is often used for drinks that are served on the table where they stay more in your hand than on the table. The drinks served in this  glass can maintain their temperature.

Flute – This type of glass is especially for champagne and other wines. The intention of using this type of glass is to retain the bubbles for a longer time. As the aroma is not important the opening is smaller.

Shot – It’s a short glass that is used to serve small quantities of spirits. It’s quite famous for serving tequila, vodka, whisky.

Cognac glass – Cognac glasses have a wide opening and it becomes narrow as it goes down and has a short stem. Its designed to retain the content’s aroma, volume and temperature. It’s usually used for serving whisky or brandy.

We at Murphy’s brew house serve different drinks in different glasses to enhance their aroma, taste and elegance, and this is what makes Murphy’s the best hangout place in Bangalore.