8 Irish Style Beers to Drink

8 Irish-Style Beers to Drink by Murphy's Brewhouse

Irish people love beer and if it’s one thing the Irish do well, it’s brewing a good pint. Ireland is the home to big breweries and Irish beer range from light and crisp to thick and creamy, perfect for thirst-quenching and as a companion for spicy food. So here is the list of 8 Irish beer that every beer enthusiast should try!

1. Kinnegar Rustbucket – It is a rye beer style with barley malt in a perfect balance. Rye combines its spiciness nicely with hops that contributes a citrus note. Though rye ale is relatively unusual, the rye ale beer is with plenty of flavour and has a rougher rye edge, which makes it unique. If you are looking for something different, go give this one a try.

2. Brown Paper Bag Project Oxman – This has an intriguing blend of flavours: a dark, nutty brown ale with a pleasing dryness, which is made in a wide variety of different styles. It uses smoked wheat, which blends three different flavours – Weizen, Rauch and sour notes together. This impeccable beer should be tried by all.

3. Of Foam and Fury – It is a double IPA which means powerful flavours with extra alcoholic-ness! It has delicious aroma of tropical fruits, a hint of caramel and a slight smell of pine, all these are combined together to make a beer to savour

4. O’Hara’s Irish Wheat – It is a perfect blend of fruits such as banana, peaches, plums and traditional hops. This golden wheat ale is smooth and is perfect for those who prefer a lighter and easy-drinking option.

5. O’Haras Leann Follain – This is a fantastic example for a full-bodied extra Irish stout. It is full malt stout with a very strong and powerful coffee and chocolate flavours balanced by a delicate hoppy spiciness. This has a smokey finish which is distinctive and lingers on your tongue for a long time.

6. Fulcrum (5% ABV) – It is a crafted beer that strikes perfect balance between crisp depth of taste and satisfying refreshment. It is a wheat beer that blends soft fruits with citrus lemon and lime. This is a sourly refreshing beer with a distinct clove finish, which one should definitely try!

7. Dungarvan Coffee and Oatmeal Stout – Made with actual coffee and actual oatmeal, this drink is full of flavours. Though it doesn’t taste like coffee, it is delicious. Oatmeal imparts a rich smoothness and there is a subtle hint of espresso in the background. It is a perfect companion during winter days.

8. Metalman Pale Ale – It is a delicious, hoppy, easy-drinking beer. It was the first Irish beer in a can. Dark gold in colour with delicate white head citrus and floral aromas with a dry bitter finish makes this an enjoyable and refreshing beer.

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