5 Weird Beer Ingredients

beer ingredients

Everyone loves a good brew and we all know that beer is a versatile beverage. Brewers craft spectacular beers with minimal ingredients and the rich and aromatic liquid in hand is surely something all beer enthusiasts like to relish. But some brewers decided to bring a twist to their drink and added some weird beer ingredients that might  intrigue, inspire, horrify, or even downright disgust you. Read on:

  • Collagen: Won’t it be great to drink your beer and not worry about aging? Well, there’s a light lager which uses collagen as the active ingredient. What a great way to replenish the most abundant protein in the human body. This lager tastes light and helps the beer lover look younger and keep their skin clear
  • Pizza: Since beer and pizza go so well together, why not mix them up in a glass? Yes, you read that right. Back in 2006, two homebrewers dunked a margarita pizza encased in a cheesecloth into some beer. What they got from it was a brew with high carbonation, with a garlicky tomato aftertaste and hints of dough and spices. Liquid pizza with a buzz!
  • Civet Poop: …that’s something used to make an African style beer. The weasel-like civet feasts on the ripest and richest coffee beans which are broken down by the mammal’s stomach acid, bringing out strong and exceptionally rich flavors for the coffee, forming the base of this stout. Will you dare to try this dark stout that smells like freshly ground coffee?
  • Beard: Since beers are known as a manly drink, some brewers decided to take it up a notch by adding male facial hair in their The base of this beard beer was a yeast strain cultivated on the facial hair
  • Goat Brains: This brings a whole new meaning to “walking dead”. The best beer for zombie lovers, eh? Well, in this brew, fresh goat brains are what imparts to the dark, smoky appearance and flavor