5 Special Ingredients Used for Brewing


“Remember, beer has food value, but food has no beer value.”

Who says brewed beer has to be brewed only with grains, yeast and hop? In many breweries around the world, they mix different kind of food during the brewing process to add zestier flavour to it. These craft beers are delicious with their distinguished taste and aroma.

Some of the common ingredients used in the brewery are as follows:

  • Fruit – In order to further pump up the fruity taste and aroma in the beer, fruit is used in a brewery. Apricot, blackberry and raspberry are few examples that blends well with beer. It helps to nicely balance the bitterness of the beer and add sweetness to it. As these beers are light and refreshing in nature, they are a perfect for summer. Especially in Belgian breweries, these kinds of fruit beers are very famous.
  • Coffee – If coffee is the daily dose of energy you need, then beer can add more energy in your life. Stouts and porters go perfectly well with coffee. In order to add the unique flavour to their brewed beer, microbreweries add coffee in their stout. Breakfast stout, Jahva coffee stout are few examples of brewed beer mixed with coffee.
  • Honey – In order to balance the bitterness of beer with the delicate sweetness, honey is added during the brewing process. Usually in lagers, brewers add mild honey to flavor up normal beer. It is used to make beer lighter and more refreshing. It affects the aroma, style, flavour and colour of the beer. Wild honey authentic ale and Bourbon flavored beer are few examples of beer brewed with a hint of honey.
  • Chocolate – If you are a beer and chocolate lover, this combo is a treat for you. Chocolate stout is a classic example of chocolate mixed brewed beer. The addition of chocolate or chocolate malt during the brewing process gives its distinguished taste. Malt and chocolate support each other perfectly and enhance the taste of the beer. They are dark, rich and creamy in nature. It is like silky, smooth chocolate milkshake in your glass.
  • Peppers – What is the best ingredient for a spicy brewed beer? Peppers! It is used to balance various other flavours like vanilla, coffee or chocolate. It brings spiciness in the beer. And Imperial stout is a perfect example of spicy beer, a beer for the legends!

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