5 Cities to Drink Brewed Beer!

Brewed beer in bangalore

“There is no such thing as a bad beer. It’s that some taste better than others.” However, the place you are drinking at and the crowd with whom you are drinking definitely matters, when it comes to experience. Beer is the most loved alcoholic beverage in the world. You can add beer to anything and it is likely to improve the taste and quality, promising you an amazing time ahead. Now, imagine you are drinking a fresh glass of craft beer in a city that you have always dreamt of, with the crowd you adore. That feels like beyond heaven!

Here is a list to give you a fair bit of idea about the best cities in the world to travel with your friends for a fresh glass of beer!

  • Dublin, Ireland – Here, drinking beer is a part of life. Be it social gatherings, a match day or festivals, this city never goes out of reasons for a glass of beer. You can actually hear people saying, “God created liquor to keep the Irish from conquering the world.” So, who wouldn’t want to be in this beautiful city and enjoy a glass of beer in their traditional pubs with a trendy touch?
  • Munich, Germany – Beer is an important part of German cultural heritage. Especially in a city like Munich, where every year, Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world takes place, people live on beer. If you want to have an authentic beer experience, visit Munich. Good atmosphere, great booze and cheap food along with the amazing musical environment. What else do people want more in life?
  • Amsterdam, Netherland – Famously known as Sin city, Amsterdam is known for the best pale lagers in the world. This beautiful city has small breweries, with years of brewing experience. Beer is well rooted in Dutch culture. They are known for playing beautiful football and drinking delicious beer. So, if you are in love with both beer and football, start saving up to visit this city
  • Prague, Czech Republic – It is a well-known fact that the Czech Republic is the highest beer consuming country in the world. Cities like Prague, known for the best breweries with appealing fresh beer, have lived up to their legacy. Every year, many beer fanciers visit this beautiful city just to enjoy amazing beers from these breweries
  • New York city, USA – New York is a dream city for many people. This city has become the game changer with the establishment of modern, fun and welcoming bars. New York is an ideal place to experience the US beer culture. Breweries here, glorify their authentic American taste with the trendy, upbeat pub culture, which is famous all around the world

Even in the country like India, especially in the metro cities, pub culture is gaining popularity. People are going out of the house to taste freshly brewed beer around the city. And if you are in Bangalore or planning to visit Bangalore, then don’t forget to visit Murphy’s Brewhouse. Here, you are in for the best brewed beer in Bangalore coupled with amazingly delicious food.