4 Different Types of Rum

4 Different types of rum by Murphy's Brewhouse

Rum is a versatile spirit which is made from distilled sugarcane or molasses Like most spirits, and has undergone some changes in the recent years. It is no longer restricted to mojitos, but people are becoming more curious about its myriad uses and diverse flavour profiles. Like most spirits, it comes in a variety of different styles, so here is a little list of different style of spirits.

1. White Rum- Also known as light or silver rum and it has no colour and a light flavour. White rum isn’t usually aged; it is distilled in white oak barrel and then filtered to make it clear. It usually has subtle hints of vanilla and almonds. White rum is the most common rum in a mojito.

2. Black Rum- Black rum is also known as dark rum and this type of rum is aged the longest in charred oak. It has a dark colour and deep, smoky-sweet finish due to vanilla and caramel overtones. Dark rum is used in many tiki drinks.

3. Golden Rum- Golden rum are usually aged in amber oak barrels, which gives it the signature colour and the sweet, rich flavour along with distinct coffee and caramel notes with hints of toasted almonds, bananas with an oaky finish.

4. Spiced Rum- It is aged for as long as black rum and includes flavours ranging from herbs like rosemary to sweet caramel and citrus fruits. It usually has a sweet- spice taste.

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