Tale of Beer History

Tale of Beer History by Murphy's Brewhouse

Doesn’t matter if it’s 9 a.m. or 9 p.m, we all love a beer anytime! We have been drinking beer since forever now yet we know little about it. When was beer invented and how? many a beer lovers wouldn’t know the answer to that.

Drinking and brewing beer has been a part of our culture from the begining of civilisation. It’s hard to date back to the exact origin of beer. Traces of alcoholic beverages date back to 9000 years ago. Archaeologists have found ancient jars with fermented residue of rice, fruit and honey. Demonstrating that earlier civilizations were capable of creating fermented beverages.

Oldest beer – Sumerians from southern Iraq, then known as Mesopotamia have left many references on the clay tablets dated to 10000 years ago. They have also composed hymn entitled ‘Hymn to Ninkasi’. Hymn contained the recipe of beer and Ninkasi is the goddess of beer who would satisfy all the desires of people. Barley besides being their staple food was also used to make beer. The quest for beer may have developed the basic concepts of civilisation. Sumerians considered alcohol to be a wonderful and a blissful drink. Beer continued to be a staple beverage for many civilizations including Egyptians, Europeans to dark ages. Scarcity of fresh water made alcohol the staple beverage of people. As beer was boiled they felt it was safer for consumption than the contaminated water.

Middle Ages – During the Middle Age, beer was mostly prepared at home and by monasteries. Monasteries became the commercial brewers. They used to brew to support their communities. Egyptians took beer in their daily diet and used it in many recipes.

Introduction of hops – In England they produced beers without hops which is known as Ale. In today’s beer world there is a huge difference between hop beers and unhoped beers. Germans began to produce beer in masses. To set the standard of beer, German brewers came up with a law called Beer purity law in 1516. The beer should contain basic ingredients like water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops and yeast.

Industrial beer – Industrial revolution started in the 18th century. Conditions during the industrial revolution led to the commercial production of beer. Large scale breweries started producing huge quantities aimed at masses.

Pale Ale – 1650 fuel burning technology called coke has been introduced. Here, coal is baked to remove the unwanted components in beer. Coke is used to make malt light in colour and safe against the contaminants.

Lager beer – In 19th century, yeast played a major role. Lager beer is mixture of many yeasts. It was kept in cold temperature during fermentation. Light beer called miller beer was also introduced. In 1933 beer cans were introduced.

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