women drinking beer

Beer and Women

Beer is a drink that has always been identified with men and masculinity. It has always been associated with activities involving men such as fishing, and watching sports. Like all other roles have been pre-defined by society based on gender, similarly drinking beer for ages has been considered as a prerogative right of men.  As we know the times are changing and like all other areas dominated by men, women have been able to barge into this territory as well. The consumption of beer is gradually trending among women as well.

Here we will give you some more interesting reasons to try beer over your favorites (more…)

indian food

Best Drinks To Pair With Indian Food

Indian food is full of flavors. Spice, sourness, creamy, buttery- you name it, we have it. When it comes to deciding on alcohol pairing for Indian food, we are usually left baffled. What might taste good?

Below are some general guidelines that will help you pick the right booze while you tantalize your taste buds with Indian food.

As a rule, it is recommended not to drink anything too heavy or complex with Indian food. The food has enough different spices to keep your taste buds content for it to be necessary to complicate matters with booze.

  1. Spirits:


whiskey types

Whiskey Types: Decoded

If you are new to whiskey or know little about it, we are here for a rescue. We will help you understand the broad world of whiskey, and whiskey types in a narrow way.

A list of whiskey types decoded for you:

  • Bourbon whiskey a popular type of American whiskey having a sweet flavor with a tinge of woodiness and vanilla. This type of whiskey is aged for 2-8 years in new charred oak barrels and goes well with smoked ribs.
  • Rye whiskey is light and spicy in flavor with a slight bitterness and is aged for 2- 8 years in new or used charred oak barrels. This whiskey can be enjoyed with a pecan pie.
  • (more…)

red wine

How Red Wine is Made

Wine is a drink that holds a special place among all the alcoholic beverages. It is a drink reserved for the celebration of the special moment. But have you ever wondered how much effort is required to make a right kind of red wine?

Today we will take you through the steps involved in making a perfect glass of red wine.

Sorting of Grapes

The best wine can be made from right kind of grapes, therefore, the first step involves sorting of good grapes from bad ones followed by destemming of grapes.

Liquor bottles

Five Unique Liquor Bottles

It’s what inside the liquor bottles that count.  Yet, creative packaging always adds that extra boost to the marketing and advertising strategy. Most liquor bottles are creative, like a piece of art, while others are just downright weirdly cool.

Let’s take a look at these unique liquor bottles where everything seems topsy-turvy!

Weapon Bottles- Kalashnikov Vodka comes in one of the most innovative bottles, which is designed after an AK47. It was named after Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of an AK-47 assault rifle. These weapon-shaped bottles are cool and definitely a collector’s item. (more…)

beer bucket list

Beer Bucket List

Skydiving, going to Paris and, climbing the Empire state building are just common to-do things that people have on their bucket list. Being beer lovers, we thought “why not make an uncommon bucket list solely about beer?”

Check out the beer bucket list that every beer lover should make:

  • Attend a beer festival- Come on! We know you have always wanted to attend a beer festival. It is a damn good idea and you should definitely go for it! Beer festivals are one of the best places to be at for sampling a wide variety of beers and meeting some of the best brewers! So this year, save up and go on this boozy adventure.
  • Brew your own beer-With a little bit of patience and some effort, you can brew your own beer. (more…)
hot cocktails

Best Hot Cocktails

Hot cocktails are the best when it’s rainy, a little chilly or when you crave alcohol while being under the weather.

Some easy and tasty recipes for best hot cocktails are listed here:


  1. HOT APPLE TODDY: Take some apples, and bake them first. Then, take a mug and warm it with some hot water. Put in the baked apple and sugar and muddle them together. Pour in boiling water and the drink of your choice (bourbon or cognac). Stir well, grate some nutmeg and enjoy. Made with good whiskey, and with honey instead of sugar, this drink is soothing when you’ve caught a cold. Tastes pretty good when you’re feeling fine, too.


oldest breweries

World’s Oldest Breweries

The history of brewing beer is ancient. It’s more than 4000 years old recipe which is enjoyed widely till date. During this period, many breweries have come and gone but a few still have a stronghold.

Most of the world’s oldest breweries are located in Europe with histories so rich; you might be left awe-struck.

It’s unbelievable!


Started by immigrants from Germany, this brewery is oldest in the USA. It is younger amongst all other old brew brothers, starting in the year 1829. Moreover, it’s also the largest privately owned brewery in the world.

drinking while watching weight

How and what to drink while watching weight

For folks who love boozing, watching weight might be one of the toughest choices because it’s literally their body versus one of the things they find irresistible. All we are left to do is either drool while others drink or make excuses and do it yourself. We thought we would give you the good news- You don’t have to give up drinking to get into shape. Keep reading to find out the hows and what’s of this regime.


Watching weight? Indulge in pure spirits rather than mixed cocktails.

Spirits like vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin do not have sugar and carbs on their own. (more…)

stocking your home bar

Home Bar Stocking Tips

We usually keep the things and people we love close by. The same should be true for your “spirit”ual needs at your home bar. If you believe that no event is complete without alcohol, read on.

We have great tips to get you started on your very own, home sweet home bar.

You neither want the most expensive stuff nor the bottom line stuff. So look for something mid-range. However, as you and your mate’s get older, your taste becomes more refined and thus, you want to indulge in good quality stuff only (which will get your bucks spending). So follow our advice to learn more on accumulating alcohol for your home bar. (more…)