Murphy's Brewhouse is Bangalore's first Irish Brewhouse where we serve different flavors of craft beer along with a choice of international and Indian food.

Spanning 3 sections on 2 floors, Murphy's is the ideal place for spending your time whether you want to sit and chat with your friends over drinks or shake a leg or listen to the best bands in town.

murphys brew house- domlur

Murphy's Legends:

Murphy is associated with endless legends in Irish lore. Deriving from the Gaelic names MacMurchadh and O’Murchadh, Murphy became the most famous surname in Ireland over time. But there is a Murphy who is not associated to any surnames or written history, but who has been time travelling and causing disruptions all over in history. So they say!

He has met Marilyn, has dated Diana, has won an Olympic gold, dined with Rockefeller, Played golf with Kennedy, was the single man who refused the solute to the Fuhrer and has been behind endless invisible pranks that he only knows. At Murphy's Brewhouse, the lad is synonymous with all the mischief and quirk only a beer rich Irish can think of. So find out who the real Murphy is at Murphy's Brewhouse and live a chance to be a prankster yourself, taking cues from him. And how do you find him out and do that? Well, we could always start with a pint and go for more. In fact, that's what Murphy would have done as he knows that the secret is in the brew.